Tasteless Oatmeal and other anomalies

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I eat oatmeal most mornings when I am at work. I don't get up early enough to make breakfast, so some hot water in a mug combined with a package or two of instant "cinnamon roll" oatmeal pushes my lunch time back from 11:30:00 to sometime around 12:15 when I think the most people will be in the lunch room. However, today my oatmeal was tasteless. I'm not sure why, but it was disappointing.

In other anomalies, we have our "summer outing" today. Said outing will be at Comiskey in a luxury box watching the Dodgers and Sox. The dress code was relaxed and people are walking around in Sox jerseys and shorts and various summer styles. Life is much more pleasant in comfortable clothes.

Mood: Really good until the tasteless oatmeal gave me a little indigestion. Now, just good. Essentially a half-day at work, White Sox (boo) game in a luxury box (yay!), and two discs of "The Wire" (Season 3, discs 2 and 3) will be arriving in the mail this afternoon.
Music: None. I had to unplug my computer speakers to recharge my camera battery.
THE PREPOSTEROUS: Not sure what's next. We replied on Monday and haven't heard back from my consigliere yet.
The Wire: Perhaps a full post on this later, but Season 2 started a little slowly for my tastes, but it ended well. I saw the first two episodes of Season 3 yesterday and they were better than the first two of Season 2... but still building. Anyhow, I was telling Adam the other day that what makes The Wire so good is how compelling the "bad guys" are. I like the Cops, but I love the crooks!
Dog: Nothing new to report. Still want one. Still can't have one. Have made no progress toward selling my condo, which would be step one in actually getting a dog.

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I'm so glad you're watching the Wire -- I started earlier this year and am halfway through Season 5. I agree with you about season 2 being slow -- I still liked it better than season 3, and season 4 is so amazing you'll need to block off a few days to watch the whole thing at once.