January 2006 Archives

Has it really been since June when I last updated this thing? The story is this, I graduated, I had tons of free-time, and I started reading Harry Potter fan fiction. Its like Crack I tell you, hugely addicting.

Anyhow, the Harry Potter stuff lasted me from about July through October. When I wasn't trying to find a job, I was reading about the latest escapades of our favorite young 'thumpin good' wizard.

In November, I got a job and what do you know, the Harry Potter stuff stopped cold turkey. I will occasionally read a chapter or two, but its like trying to read a novel in 30 minute increments here and there...its just tough to stick with it.

Anyhow, I'm now living in Chicago. The job is as a fund accountant for a private equity firm. I live on the West side of Chicago near Humboldt park and commute into the loop (about 40 minutes) each day. I found a house (divided into three apartments). It comes complete with a roommate and two married couples who live upstairs.

All five go to the same Church in the Lakeview neighborhood, so I started attending there as well. Its a good church, maybe 150 in the 11 am service. The worship is good, and the preaching is sound, and I've met several younger couples through my housemates.

On weeknights, I've started taking some CPA review classes in hopes of passing all four components of the CPA exam before the end of the year. These take up a fair amount of my spare time, but hopefully I'll pass the exam and then they'll have been worth it.

I'm still on the lookout for a girlfriend. Email me if you see one around :). For all you beautiful young women out there, I'm working on the application and it should be ready to be filled out soon.

Well, its way too late and as you can see from the above paragraph, its about time I hit the sack. Bonne Nuit!