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Cold & Dark

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It's cold and dark in Chicago. I suppose it's light out in the morning when I walk to work... but I'm certainly not awake enough to enjoy it. Sometimes I'll get a little sun at lunch time when I venture a block or two away to find food... but sometimes I don't. And now, it's late enough in the year that it is dark by the time I get off work. This makes me sad. That's what I'm thinking right now.

I am also thinking that Patron Tequila is some good stuff. At work today, I bought two companies for a combined $146 million. We don't close more than half a dozen purchases in any given year, so two on one day is a special occasion. Special occasions merit alcohol, at least that's what I've learned in my two+ years at work, so there was a firm-wide happy hour at the restaurant/bar in our building. This was further complicated by the fact that I had promised our auditors that I would have drinks with them after work.

So, the story is this: I took off fifteen minutes early and had staid drinks with my workmates. A Corona and a Rum & Coke. Beer is good, but liquor is better. Around 5:30, the auditors came down, dragged me away from my work mates (like four feet) and made me take a shot of some mystery drink. They wouldn't tell me what it was, but it was clear and I assumed it was Vodka or something. (About the only clear alcohol I know about.) Well, it was Patron Tequila... and that stuff's pretty great. Unfortunately, this was my third drink in an hour... and I'm a major proponent of the one drink per two hour philosophy. Now, a year and a half ago, this would have been too much, but I'm apparently building up a tolerance, so I just got that stupid drinking grin, and proceeded to chat with the auditors for another hour plus. Those guys are cool, and real easy to talk to. Around 6:45, we went in for another round of Patron... and that was when I realized that my first shot was probably a double. Regardless, the clear stuff was pretty darn good. Happy hour finally ended around 7:15, but I think I've acquired a few drinking buddies.

So, aside from this stupid grin I still have three hours later, work went pretty well today. Woot!