Burnout and Biking

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I've been burned out for a while. Maybe I'm soft, but I haven't been on vacation since February, and I'm tired of the day-to-day. Work is stressing me for no good reason, The Preposterous is stressing me for no just reason, and life is just stressing. Now, today, GROTA, one of my collaborative blog projects is facing the blow-up that's been about four+ years in the making. You can't put volatile personalities together for long without things blowing up. It's amazing that things lasted as long as they did, but we essentially lost two of our longest tenured writers today... and came thisclose to losing a co-founder.

So, I'm stressed, I'm tired of dealing with bickering, and I can't wait for the coming three-day weekend. To deal with all that, I sent in my Coast-to-Coast Wisconsin registration form today.

I'm really not all that jazzed about the ride, but I can't think of too much that will help me decompress better than a week of baking in the Wisconsin sun with a sore back attempting to climb yet another of God's wonderful rolling hills. The ride does wonders for putting your current problems out of mind. Now, if I can only make it the 27 days until the ride, that would be good. Can't wait. Need a vacation. Going to MN this weekend. Monday's almost over.

Music: You can't hurry love - Diana Ross and the Supremes
The Wire: Netflix skipped all of my Wire episodes and sent me two movies I'm not interested in watching, so I went to Blockbuster and rented two and borrowed three from Adam. I watched like seven episodes this weekend and am almost halfway through Season Four. Still good, although I liked the format of seasons one and two where they were gradually eating away at the criminal organizations. The school stuff in season four is interesting, but doesn't really seem like it's going anywhere.
Stringer Bell: Are you f'in kidding me? How could they kill f'in Stringer Bell. He's the greatest criminal since The God Father, and they just let him get done in his f'in condo development?
f'in: They drop the F bomb way too much in the wire. Monkey see - monkey do.