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Craptastic Weekend

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Three strikes and you're out, they say.

Strike the first I opened the freezer last night and everything was beginning to thaw. The ominous sounds I heard last week came home to roost and I had to throw out all my ice cream. I'll also be eating a lot of meat in the very near future.

Strike the second My websites (TheCubdom and CubsBlogArmy) have been hi-jacked again because of the blogging software I use. I don't want to deal with it this weekend and yet I must. I'm switching to a new web server that has Movable Type pre-installed, but it's not going too smoothly. For one, they rejected my initial sign-up because they thought I was a fraud because my website had been hacked. I kindly explained to them that gee golly, maybe that was why I was changing hosting companies... but it still took several hours to convince them I wasn't a fraudster.

Strike the third I had Thai on Thursday night, and I suspect that the pad thai may be at the root of the GI issues I'm suffering.

In summary, I'm feeling like crap and hoping this server switch (waiting on domain name servers) will happen more quickly than I suspect.

Positives? Well, there is President Obama.