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It's been an eventful week, and an immensely long day. Why I'm up at this hour, much less writing here, I have no idea. I've been tired all week because I had caffeine on Monday and couldn't get to sleep. I got like three hours on Monday night, and have been too stubborn to just go to sleep early.

Contributing to this fatigue is the fact that I watched The Godfather II yesterday, and The Godfather III tonight. Those are some long and very good movies. I'm seriously thinking about purchasing the trilogy.

On Monday, after drinking caffeine at my CPA Review class, I got off the El and found my drivers side sideview mirror laying on the street when I got to my car. At first I thought someone had broken it off on purpose because of where it was lying, but this morning I took Jarrett to the train and he pointed out this huge long scrape down the side panels of the car and a place where there is now a big dent in the car. So, it appears I got sideswiped by a car or perhaps a bicyclist.

Regardless, what I had originally thought might be a few hundred dollars of damage is now probably closer to several thousand. It kills me, but I don't think I'm going to fix it. Partially because I don't have it in the budge, and also because I'm sure it will probably end up happening again. The whole ordeal just makes me sick though because everytime I think of my car, it's no longer in really 'nice' shape. Its spoiled, and although it doesn't actually effect the car's performance, it looks beat up.

Gosh, I'm tired. Should go to sleep... but Jewel's got me pretty mellow. Yeah, I should be embarassed about it, but I like her Pieces of You album.

Got a passport photo taken today, I should be able to finally send in the completed CPA application tomorrow. My boss got on my case about it again. Sometimes I wish I'd never started this process... and there is so much work ahead in the next few months... but I keep telling myself that its worth the sacrifice now for the 'benefits' later on. Here's hoping the 10% pay hike enjoyed by CPAs holds true. Aaah, Rambling.

At work today, I was thinking about the parable of the wealthy man who leaves money to his servants for them to invest. One does well and the wealthy man says, "Since you've done well with the money I gave you, here is more to manage." He tells the middle guy something similar and gives him a little less to manage. But, the last servant just buried the money so he wouldn't lose it. The wealthy man calls the servant 'wicked' and takes his money and gives it to the first servant.

All this is to say that it suddenly occured to me why I should be aggressive in investing our cash balances. It's something I've been thinking about recently because my boss just doesn't understand that I'm not pushing the changes at work that I am for a big year end bonus... although that would be nice... it's out of a feeling that we shouldn't be 'wasteful' by not being aggressive on the interest we earn. It was an interesting revelation while I was opening the endless number of envelopes I seem to get on my desk.

Aight, I'm too tired. Bon Soir.

Minor Frustrations

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I should have gone to bed an hour ago, nay, I should have gone to bed three hours ago... but I didn't. I'm up, I'm sort of tired, which leaves me concerned that the old insomnia will kick in when I finally do crawl under the covers.

Why am I writing here instead of trying to sleep? Easy, because I wanted to get chapter nine of Remnants of the Soul up on before I went to sleep... so after getting everything ready to go, I find out there server is down. Erg, frustrating There server is always down.

So then, I was going to go to bed when I realized that I still have not downloaded the class I recorded last Wednesday, and if I don't download it before tomorrow, I won't have the capacity to download tomorrow's class. So, I'm waiting for the very pokey voice recorder to offload its memory.

I took last Thursday off. I was feeling like crap and couldn't sleep Wednesday night, so I burned a precious sick day and then realized on Friday that I only have 1.5 unbudgeted days remaining... and was planning to take three or four CPA exams in October and November. So now, I'll be reduced to taking the exams on weekends, which I would be happy to do if I can get them scheduled... or taking only half days to take the tests. I'm not sure that is an ideal test taking situation. Oh well, I need to study before I'm ready for any of them.

Church was good this morning. Pastor Kevin spoke about not letting our lives be ruled by fear, which was an interesting topic since I've been thinking about the various facets of my life where I allow fear to get in the way of what I want. (see girlfriend, fear of rejection, etc.) Does this mean I'm going to 'man-up' and find a Girlfriend? probably not, but eventually.

Aight, the recorder is almost done... goodnight. Hope I sleep tight.

Auditing begins

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After updating this thing for the first time in seven months on Sunday, I took the opportunity to read back through many of my earlier entries and decided that I should apply myself more regularly to e-Byron. So, presenting two entries in a week for the first time in about a year and a half.

Today was a good day by most measures, although the work portion seemed to go by rather slowly. After an incredibly busy summer, things have settled down a bit and work is occasionally boring. Today was sort of one of those days.

After work, I stopped in at PotBelly's for my sandwich and then trudged up the street to the Union Station building where I attended the first session of my Auditing CPA review course. Although these things are usually torturous, the auditing session should be passable because eleven of the thirteen classes are taught by Debra... who is a good teacher.

In baseball news, the Cubs beat the Pirates tonight, so they are temporarily out of last place... I think. This team is horrible.

Well, well, well. Look who we have here. It's little old me dropping in to greet my rabid web following. Seriously, I doubt anyone ever visits, but its fun sometimes to read the old posts on here.

Take tonight. I apparently had too much caffeine today, and I'm not all that tired even though it is 2 a.m. Fortunately, tomorrow is labor day and I wouldn't have been out of bed before noon regardless.

So, I haven't updated this page since January... and honestly not all that much has changed. I am now an uncle, which is rather exciting. My niece's name is Samantha Rain Villa. She was born August 9, and is quite adorable in the pictures that my sister and brother-in-law have sent me. I am planning my third trip of the year to California in October to see Samantha.

I am still working for the Private Equity firm I mentioned in my last post. I LOVE MY JOB. How great is it that I can say that?

Last time I checked in, I mentioned that I was taking some CPA review courses. Well, I start the last one on Tuesday, and it will run through the first week of October. After that, I am hoping to knock off the tests in quick succession... so I will need to devote copious amounts of time to actual studying for these buggers... which is something I have struggled with most of the year.

Otherwise, things are pretty much the same. I still live in West Humboldt park. My roommate is still cool, and the couples upstairs are great as well. Bill and Katie, who live on the second floor, had a baby in Mid-August (same birthday as Samantha), and Emily and Eric are expecting one in November (I think).

I am still attending New Life Community Church in Lakeview. Although I like it *enough*, I am beginning to think that I should try to find a church that I really love. The discussion on why this church is/is not working for me is long and involved... but I do know that I wish I had a place like ECC in Bloomington where I just loved it.

No girlfriend yet. Should probably get working on those applications... but seriously, who am I kidding. I was actually musing on the question of why... and I came to the decision that I wasn't ready to give up so much of my time and independence so shortly after winning it. But, really I think I'm just too lazy to put in the effort of trying to find a girlfriend, and I keep hoping I'll *just find one.* That plan is working about as well as the one to lose forty pounds.

Harry Potter. Perhaps the fact that all of my entries end up discussing Harry Potter explains the above paragraph. Anyhow, after thinking I kicked the habit in January, I started writing the story that was worming its way through my mind. Now, its September and I've got nearly 50,000 words published... but I've slowed down output and am wondering if this will finish unfinshed like so many of my other projects. Anyhow, if you're interested: Harry Potter and the Remnants of the Soul.

Summer in Chicago has been awesome. I have attended close to three dozen ball games (including one this afternoon.) The Cubs are horrid this year, and it really irks me that I am spending precious dollars on such a crappy team, but I can't help myself. I just love going to games too much to deny myself. I've always wanted to be one of those crazy fans that goes to most of the games... and seriously, I could have a lot worse vices.

In addition to the Cubbies, I've been down to Sox park three times this summer. Although the Sox are struggling, their games are much better baseball than the Cubs. Last Friday, Bill, Eric, Angel (one of my neighbors), and I went to the game. Funnily enough, Jarrett (my roommate) and his girlfriend also attended the game.

I've also made it out to Toyota Park for two Fire games this summer, and might even go out once more. Soccer games are lots of fun, and I could see myself getting addicted.

Honestly, Chicago was named best sports city by Sporting News this year, and I completely agree. I love living here.