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Thoughts from the sofa

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I'm watching the Olympics. Here's a chronicling of my thoughts.

• The unifying power of the Olypics – I'm rooting for the American sprinter even though he went to FSU.

• Did you know? Semi-sweet chocolate morsels are a source of natural source of antioxidants? Why, no, I didn't. Does that make them taste worse?

• They should show more discus. They throw that frisbee really far!

• When they have the camera on the track that follows the 100 M hurdlists, it looks like one of those nature films with the wild cats tracking down an antelope. It's hard to believe that these Olympic hurdlers have the same basic body structure as I do. I probably couldn't even get over a hurdle, much less ten of them while running my hardest.

• 9 A.M. seems a little early for beach volleyball.
• I don't understand why it takes so long to update the volleyball scores. They literally wait 10 seconds after the ball hits the ground to record the point.

• I'm really gassed from the gym.

• If Kyliah has another daughter, her middle name should be "Misty."

• I'm tired of men's gymnastics. Where's the remote? I wish the Cubs were on tonight.

Normal's not coming back

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I got back from Brazil 14 week days ago. It's like I came back to a different job, and I feel like I'm still adjusting to it. I've been working an extra hour or two per day, managing co-workers, and generally stressing out about all the added responsibility in areas where I really don't have much experience.

The situation has been exacerbated by Mark leaving, me going on vacation for two weeks (and very little of my work getting done it my absence), my boss and her boss going on vacation last week (when I was acting-controller and acting-CFO), and the fact that we're raising a new fund at work. I've been thrust into roles that I've never done before, and didn't have anyone there to help me last week, and so it's been a bit of a sink or swim experience.

Anyhow, after another stressful Monday, I made it to the gym to relieve some stress and came to the unsettling realization that normal's not coming back. I think I had fallen into a comfortable, if not totally fulfilling, rut the past few months, but that's over now. We're super busy, and the next time we won't be, I'll have a whole new fund with a new structure to figure out.

The new guy at work, Chris, is working out quite well. I'd say he's doing 3 hours of my work each day with only a half hour commitment of mine... and he's just starting his third week. I'm thinking in a few months from now, he'll be shouldering a significant chunk of the work, and that helps to ease some of my concerns from above.

In other news, I went home this past weekend. Wyatt returned from Brazil and we hung out with Mom and Dad in Valpo-town. On Saturday (August 9), we went to see Wall-E. It was the third consecutive year in which Wyatt and I have watched a movie together on August 9 (Samantha's birthday).

• August 9, 2006 — Talladega Nights
• August 9, 2007 — The Simpsons Movie
• August 9, 2008 — Wall-E

Finally, the Olympics are on and I've been watching! It feels like I haven't been home/engaged for a Summer Olympics since 1992. It's been really fun watching all the sports, and especially all the swimming events. World records are being broken left and right... and the Mens 4x100 M relay was thrilling last night as the Americans made up nearly an entire body length on the French in the last 50 meters. I was totally into it and yelling at the TV.

I've also resolved to buy a HD TV and a sound system. I came to the shocking conclusion that my TV setup isn't up to par and I want a better entertainment experience... I just don't have any idea when I'm going to get it. I'll probably wait until after Christmas when I'll have paid off my student loans... but I'd really like to have the TV for football season and October, so we'll see. I have some advertisements resetting at the end of September and may jump the gun. (Yes, I do realize how materialistic and shallow this paragraph makes me sound, but pooh-pooh to you.)

Finally, congratulations Dr. Theis!