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She's a Wauzer!

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At the dog park today, Lily and I met her twin, Bernard. Lily and Bernard had fun barking at each other, running after each other, and playing king of the hill. Bernard, wearing a sweater, looked just like Lily. So, I asked Bernard's owner what kind of dog Bernard was, and I found out about Wauzers. A Wauzer is a mix between a West Highland Terrier (Westie) and a Schnauzer.

After googling Wauzer, I am 100% content to call Lily a Wauzer... and I can know answer the question, "What kind of dog is that?"

Some pictures from last month:

Lily-portrait.jpg Lily-stretch.jpg Lily-wolf.jpg

Ode to Joy

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I was having a solitary moment of anger/frustration about a topic that caused me a lot of anger and frustration... but Jarrett's Facebook update made me feel all better.

I just had to preserve this for posterity.

Quick update on Lily since I haven't updated this blog in forever:
• Yesterday was my two month anniversary since adopting Lily at Paws.
• We're bonding everyday. She's a great dog, I'm a decent owner.
• We completed basic dog obedience class about two weeks ago. Lily knows her name, Sit, Chill (lie down), up, down, bed, come, stay (sortof), paw (a.k.a. Shake), and get it (where she chases after a thrown treat, eats it, and comes back to me... not quite fetch yet.)
• We're working on "Hurry Up" (go to the bathroom on command), Stay, and not to bark at other dogs when she's on the leash.

In other significant events in Lily's life, she boarded for a weekend when I went to Joe and Leslie's wedding in Pennsylvania. She did well. She also came home for Thanksgiving and loved the house in Valpo/walking off leash around VU's campus.

As for her personality, she has started to come out of her shell. She's more demonstrative around the house and other people, she now wags her tail and will approach some strangers when they try and get her attention. She's also more playful at the dog park, and she shows a lot more interest in treats than she did when I first got her.

All in all, the Dog experiment is going well.