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Midway through Summer I

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Well, after leaving class today I am half-way done with my summer classes. I'm becoming Byron Buehler for the day tomorrow and heading up to Chicago to catch a game at Wrigley.

Remarkably, the game will be my first ever visit to the bleachers, and I'm pretty excited. I'm going with Chris and we plan to be there right as the gates open, so we can hopefully get front row seats. It will also be our first trip to Wrigley since we both turned 21, and I'm guessing mild fun will ensue. (We're taking the train.)

Since I last wrote here, I've gone ahead and done a few things... like graduating. My parents came down for the ceremony and I spent two and a half hours in Assembly hall... two and a half hours I'll never get back. I only knew a handful of students who attended the ceremony, and none of them well.

We were seated on the basketball court, and frankly couldn't hear a thing that was said. Some of the speakers enunciated their words and so we could catch some tid-bits, but the Chancellor spoke for 15 minutes and I caught maybe a dozen words of his speech.

Well, I have the picture to prove it, so I guess that's good.

Woo! Graduated! Woo!

Of course, the whole exercise was a bit anti-climactic as I was back in the classroom 72 hours later. I'm taking a finance class this semester (Fixed Income and Equity Investments) and a management class (Organizational Behavior or something like that.) In addition, I'm tutoring K201 for my fourth semester. Both professors are good guys, and the classes haven't been too bad. Sure, I'm struggling with my motivation a bit, but I only have another three weeks. Woo!

The job search is still on... nothing too promising yet, but I've got a couple in the oven so to speak.

Anyhow, I'll be in Valpo a fair amount over the summer. If you read this and want to hook up for some fun times, shoot me an email.

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Done for now

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I took my last final this morning. Woo!