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Two Down, Three to go

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Well, as you might guess, I've been busy. I can't believe I haven't posted here since opening day... and I can't believe how long ago opening day feels like.

Today is a Saturday and I got up early to take my Auditing final exam which went mildly OK to bad, depending on how lucky my guesses were. I stayed up most of last night studying, but still wished I could have had some extra time to prepare... man I hate cumulative exams.

I took my international finance exam on Thursday. It too was cumulative, but I think I did fairly well. I'm not sure where my grade is in that class, but I'll be happy with a 'B.' I'm not sure I deserved one, but I'd be happy with it... and rather angry (at myself) if it comes in any lower.

I got to the end of S400 with an 'A' in the class, and so I don't have to take that final, which is a tremendous relief. In fact, or the 20 credits I took this semester, I am done with 11 of them, and its not even the start of finals week... thats good eh?

Schedule-wise I've got lots of flexibility in the next week. Its Saturday afternoon and I don't have to do anything until Monday when I work for two hours. On Tuesday, I have my managerial accounting final paper due at 5. Wednesday evening brings the financial accounting final which will hopefully consume most of my time between now and Wednesday... and then early Thursday its Securities and Market Making.

Well, I'm yammering, and I'm tired. I'll try to write more frequently, but no promises... the weather will play a role in that I hope.

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Opening Day

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Today is Opening Day of the baseball season. Perhaps one of the most optimistic days of the year. I can't wait for things to get swinging.

Of course school is going to kill me over the next few weeks. Uh oh, lab is closing. I'd better make this short.

Mon: Team Meetings & Baseball games
Tues: Team Meetings & Trader competition for one class.
Weds: Auditing Exam... haven't started studying.
Thurs: 2 papers.
Fri: Four Cubs baseball games to catch up on.

This past week: the Pope died. As a protestant, I guess I shouldn't care. But I do. Its had an interesting effect on me and I've felt a burden to pray for Catholics and the Catholic Church as well as the larger body of Christ. I'm praying the new Pope is a man of God, and has a scriptually based theology. We'll see.

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