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A quiz you can't refuse

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I bring you a quiz:

Question #1: You're walking your dog a few blocks from home. You live downtown in a major American city, Chicago, and you take your dog to the one empty block in the loop where some weeds thrive, despite many of the Loop doggies actively raising the nitrogen levels on a daily basis. However, on this Sunday, your dog is much more interested in something than she normally is. (See picture).


That, there, is a dead fish, about a foot and a half long, wrapped in foil, and sitting just a few feet off the sidewalk. The temperature has been in the forties most of the day, and the fish appeared sometime between 10 pm on Saturday and 10 am on Sunday. What do you do?

A: Ignore the fish. You did not put it there, and even though it disgusts you, it's not your responsibility to clean dead fish off the sidewalk.

B: Assume the property owner will take responsibility for the fish, even if this property owner can't be bothered to shovel the snow in the winter.

C: Let your dog try and eat the fish. She seems really interested in it.

D: Call city services at 311 and let them know about the fish... even if the sales and property taxes are ridiculously high, and the city has a massive budget deficit, and it will probably cost the taxpayers close to $100 to pick up the fish.

E: Walk half a block, get a free copy of the Red Eye from the newspaper stand, walk back, pick up the fish, and deposit the Red Eye and fish in the garbage can on the corner.

F: Other, please explain.

Bonus Question - Essay format Is it appropriate for a church to make an announcement about filling out the US Government Census during the church service?

Use the comments, and let me know what you think.