June 2005 Archives


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Well, I finished college this afternoon. Hooray!

Today started with the alarm ringing at 6, and me hitting the snooze til 7:10. I then staggered out of bed, put on a ballcap to hide my bed hair, and stumbled down the stairs to put my shoes on.

I nabbed breakfast at BBC (Bloomington Bagel Company) which has the best bagels I've ever tasted... and probably puts 500 calories of cream cheese on them.

I took my Stocks & Bonds final at 8:00, and was out of there at 9:30 when I finally remembered the Gordon Growth Model Formula.

I drove home, watched the Tivo'd "Angel" and "Radio Free Roscoe" (my crappy TV shows I'm watching this summer). I then sat out on the porch for 50 minutes re-reading Harry Potter #2. (I'm working on re-reading the first five books so I'm prepared for July 16).

About 2 pm, I went back to bed to rectify the fact that I only got 4 hours last night... and then it was time to get up to work at 7 pm.

So, now, I'm sitting here at work, twidling my fingers, waiting for the last 35 minutes of my shift to pass. But, I couldn't be happier... unless of course I wasn't feeling sick... because I'm done with this whole college thing.


So, I've just finished school... but how much stress accompanies that? A fair amount it turns out.

You see, once I got home, I called my parents to say 'Thanks,' and then I checked the mail. In the mail I got a letter from the accounting firm I had intereviewed with two weeks ago... turns out it was a check to reimburse me for driving up to Indy and back. It certainly wasn't a job offer. So, I called the firm and the partner made up some lame excuse about deciding to hire somebody with more experience.

No Job.

Next up was a letter from Sallie Mae telling me I only have two weeks to consolidate my student loans before my interest rates skyrocket. For most of college, I haven't cared about my student loans because they were a long way off, and of course I'd have a high paying job when I get out... see above. I called Sallie Mae and the process is under way.

Mounting Debt.

Getting ready for my nap, I realized I have just joined the ranks of Americans with no health insurance. Not that I care, or will likely need it... but its another thing to worry about.

All of this is basically say that "The Real World" isn't some abstract idea like I've been learning for the last four years. (I.E. My finance textbook actually says that return doesn't matter... only return in comparison to risk. Can you get any more abstract? Come on, would you rather have a share of Google or a Treasury Bond.) Anyhow, the "Real World" is here and its stressful.

Just as I was going to sleep I said to myself... so why stop having faith because I got done taking a test?

I slept soundly for my nap.