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Greatest Football Season Evah!

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Life is going swell. I can't believe it's been nearly a month since I've updated, so I figured I'd give it a go. On the personal front, things are going smoothly. I entered my "training period" for the final section of the CPA exam this week (FAR). So, despite the fact that I'm supposed to be studying, I've really just spent the week thinking I should be studying. I honestly tried on Monday night, but I was tired and fell asleep four pages in. Since then, I've been working on Remnants of the Soul whenever I was supposed to be studying. Including a few lunch breaks. This is fine with me as I've made a fair bit of progress on Remnants, and I'm still a few weeks off. I keep telling myself that if I could actually do five or six hours this weekend, I'd have positioned myself well for the eventual panic period.

Going into this test, my attitude is much different from the past exams. For one, I have a lot of confidence that I'll pass. I studied hard, but not too hard for the last round and I passed all three of them with a fair sized margin of error. So, my attitude is that as long as I do as much work for this exam as the others, I'll pass and can call myself a CPA. When you first start on this road, it seems like the end is so far away, but now that I'm nearly there... there is such a sense of relief that I could be nearly done.

On to the post title. (And I know I'm jinxing the Bears.) This is the greatest football season of my life. My team, the Gators won the national championship in college football and the Bears are going to the Super Bowl, which is in ten days. Chicago is pumped, I'm pumped, and I've had tons of fun watching football this year. Yeah Me!

Hmmm... in other news: Eric and Emily (who live upstairs on the third floor) had their baby last Sunday morning. Eleanor Claire... what a fantastic name.

I met a girl. I'm interested. I'm a wuss. As always there's lots of perfectly good excuses. My current favorite is: I'll be done with the CPA stuff in mid-February and will have time then. You're supposed to write down your goals, right? Maybe this will work. (This paragraph will disappear if I ever actually do anything.)

Yeah, that's about it. Peace my compadres!