Blog frustrations and dog walking

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Life has been normal the last few days, although I have a headache at the mo.

I've been tinkering with my different blogs. I really hate how movable type handles comments. They completely changed how the comments work between version 3 and version 4, and I still can't seem to get them to work. Incidentally, will someone please leave a comment on this post, or email me if you can't and describe what you are seeing?

In other news, the "dog" walking has been going well. Today, "Dagny" and I walked over to da Jewel on Kinzie and Halstead to get hot dog buns and graham crackers. There's a nice park over there with a dog-run. However, if I had a dog and lived where I do, the park would be way too far in the winter. That said, there's several nice condo buildings over there... but then getting to work would be difficult in the winter. I should see if there's a bus line serving the area... I'll bet the Milwaukee bus is close by.

Mood: Ok. Headache and the stupid College World Series kept me from watching the first 61 minutes of the MLS game of the week, but DC United and Seattle are playing a spirited match as I type away.
Watching: MLS. Seattle has a phenomenal fan base. Sounders are up 3-2. Oops. Sounders' own-goal. 3-3 in the 88th.
Cubs/Sox: The first game of the Cubs Sox series was rained out yesterday, and then the Cubs lost today. If they lose tomorrow, I owe my co-worker a King-Size Twix bar. I can no longer win the King-Size Snickers bar I wanted... but if I have to pay-out, I'm buying myself a big Snickers Bar to enjoy.
Earlier: Em turned me onto 'The Wire.' OH BOY! The Wire is so good. It's a cop show that is gripping and addictive. I've been scouting out all the mailboxes in downtown Chicago to find which one picks up the earliest so that I minimize NetFlix turn-around-time.


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Here is your message...sorry about the headache and the cubs.


How about the wire?? Maybe a blog post about it??