Rage against 'The Man'

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Not sure why, but I've been especially surly in the last day or so.

Yesterday, Forest Claypool announced he would not run for Cook County Board President (LINK). This should have alarms ringing in the ears of any semi-cynical Cook County resident. I GUARANTEE something fishy is going on behind the scenes. So, this morning, I imagined volunteering on the campaign of an opponent to Todd Stroger's re-election bid. I was a corruption fighter!

On the elevator, I learned that President Obama is going to offer $4,500 to anyone who trades in their gas guzzler for a fuel efficient car. I promptly declared to my co-worker (after telling him yesterday that I considered my view of President Obama's job performance as favorable) that I now had an unfavorable opinion of President Obama's job performance. I got angry about taxes and government meddling in the economy. I was an idealist!

I read that North Korea is going to launch a missile toward Hawaii on July 4th. I wanted to invade North Korea and slap Kim Jong Il around. I was a nationalist!

I read that Bozeman Montana asks city workers for their login and passwords to social networking sites (LINK) as a pre-condition of hiring them. I got angry. Don't we have a freedom of speech, should the government be able to view our private opinions before they decide to hire us (probably yes)... oh, I was an ACLU supporter.

Anyhow, the man is alive and kicking... and I'm ready to rebel!

Link dujour: This one, compliments of Anne, is a really interesting blog about two characters from Sims 3. You should read, and you should start from the beginning. (LINK).

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