Post-tax day

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Yesterday was tax day. I was tempted to go join one of the tea parties being hosted in Chicago, but ultimately did not because there was a lot more being protested than just high taxes... plus the real protest needs to be against absurd spending by the government, not necessarily our taxes. In other news, Texas Governor Rick Perry, has suddenly become an 'up-and-comer' in the GOP for suggesting that Texas still has the right to secede from the nation... an implied threat that Washington needs to cut taxes or else.

Obviously, I'm not in favor of secession... and I'm not all that enamored of any politician who talks about tax cuts without talking about the necessary spending cuts that should be attendant.

Alright, enough politics. Work has been a healthy kind of busy. My boss is going on maternity leave soon, and I'm scrambling to get on-top of my own work so that I can handle the extra questions/projects that will soon be coming. It's a refreshing stretching of my skills, and I'm as happy at work as I've been in about two years.

In other news, I've been working on The Cubdom a fair amount today. I woke up early to start work on updating the Rooftop Page, and found an email in my inbox from one of my advertisers asking not only to renew their agreement, but to expand it. This was great news as I've been bleeding ad revenue since last September.

That said, my revenue projections for 2009 look like they may be marginally higher than '08, due mainly to the full year effect of some advertisers I picked up in the first half of 2008... and the good news is that new revenue streams usually come on during the baseball season. So, if I don't lose any more advertisers, it looks like my web income won't take too bad of a hit from the recession.

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