Around the neighborhood

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Living downtown, there's a lot that goes on in my neighborhood, and I don't always hear about it... so, you can imagine my surprise when I saw a breaking news story that a woman had died falling out of a high-rise downtown apartment building. There's not that many of them, so I clicked on the link and discovered that a woman fell out of an apartment window one floor above me, on the other side of the building. (Link)

The details are sketchy, but from what I've heard, it was some sort of house party that went late into the night on Friday and ended in tragedy. And, for those that have been up to the Keep and poked their head out the window... almost everyone's initial reaction is a little fearful and disbelief that the windows open as far as they do. It really is quite disturbing to think that something so horrible happened in my building.

In lighter fare, having Googled the story, I finally remembered to Google 188 W. Randolph St. All I knew about the building is that the entire skyscraper has been empty and boarded up since I moved about a block away. I'd originally gotten interested in the building when I learned that there used to be an affordable gym in the building... and since then, I've always noted how ugly all the scaffolding is that obscures the beautiful facade. Then, a few weeks ago, I noticed that lights were peeking out of a few of the windows. My first thought is that maybe squatters had moved into the building, but perhaps it's a little better development. (Link) Apparently, we're maybe going to get another apartment building in the area, and the ugly scaffolding would come down. I also found this, so for some background information on 188 W Randolph, check it out.