Scarcity is for man, God's blessing is infinite

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What a crazy, crazy, crazy week. The stock market crashed, the stock market surged. Lehman Brothers went bankrupt, Bank of America bought Merrill Lynch so Merrill wouldn't... the government seized AIG, mere days after seizing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac... and that was all before Hank Paulson, the Secretary of the Treasury called together the leaders of both the House and Senate and painted a vision of the future so bleak that Republicans and Democrats alike are working on legislation to give the government authorization to essentially start a hedge fund with taxpayers' money. All of this is to say that when the Wall Street Journal runs a headline, 'The week that changed American Capitalism' there really isn't any hyperbole involved.

Some semi-random thoughts. In times of crisis (such as this week, and Tuesday in particular), people have a tendency to hoard. Whether it's bottled water during a Hurricane or money during a recession, resources are scarce in times of crisis and people want the security of knowing they have 'enough.'

To my mind sprung two thoughts repeatedly this week. Christians must remember that our security does not come from money, but from God who provides for us out of love. Yes, a financial crisis that could plunge the country into a depression is a frightening prospect, but it's a significant inconvenience, nothing more. Also, God blesses his people so that we will bless those around us. (Yay Perspectives!) It's an incredibly prominent theme through both the Old and New Testaments... and God's blessing is infinite. Remember the parable of the three servants who are given money to look after while the master is gone. One buries it and is called wicked, but the other two are faithful stewards and each was rewarded.

So, this is to encourage you that in times of crisis like this, be generous! Pass along the blessings God has given you! God is faithful and will continue to bless you. Now is the time when organizations like food pantries are stretched thinnest. Demand for their services goes up while contributions dry up.

See the need. Meet the Need. Proclaim the Kingdom of God is at hand.

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Amen Byron. Good stuff to remember. Putting it into practice is the difficult part though at least for me.