Sarah Palin... wow

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As you know, I have a love/hate relationship with politics. That's a good way to characterize my reaction to the Sarah Palin nomination... but the media coverage and reaction to the Veep candidate selection is so incredibly frenzied, it's amazing.

I personally think it was a pick made for political reasons and not good government reasons, and as a result, I'm less likely to vote for McCain because of it... but wow, I can definitely understand why McCain chose her.

I'm sure I'll expand on this idea a little more, perhaps after I've finished my post on the failure of both parties to speak truthfully about economic and income disparity issues... but did you watch her speech last night? You would never know she hadn't been giving speeches like that her entire life. Anyhow, here's an interesting link to a word cloud of both Palin's and Biden's speeches at their respective conventions. It's certainly interesting.

Finally, the funny thing is that the best political speech last night was not delivered by Sarah Palin (although you wouldn't know it by the media coverage), but by Rudy Giuliani. Rudy was the real pit bull last night. He compared McCain's resume to Obama's resume and just tore Obama apart with sarcasm. My jaw just hung open most of the speech in stunned disbelief.

Now, let's be clear. The conventions, both conventions, but the Republicans' specifically have been quite entertaining, but the entertainment is from political intrigue and not because anyone is suggesting good government ideas. Facts are something to be disregarded, humility and compromise unthinkable, the only thing of importance (seemingly) is who can come up with the best one liner, and who can spin the hardest. Entertaining like a sitcom, disappointing because it's government.