Watch Out World! Here I Come

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I applied for a passport today! I want to go visit Wyatt in Sao Paulo in March... after that, Mexico in November... and then? Europe in 2009! That's my plan.

What else is going on?

My new small group launched two weeks ago. It's cool. I applied to the AICPA today. I signed up for a class called, "Perspectives, The World Christian Movement" that's being taught at Moody Church on Thursdays this semester. I went to the second class (my first) last night and it's pretty cool.

I finished a book about Chess this weekend. My plan is to be a grand master in two weeks. So far so good.


Let's have some more details on the Thursday night class. How did it come about? What peaked your interest? How was the first class?

That is cool Byron, excited to hear about all that is going on at dinner.


Holy crap, I'm tired thinking about all you are doing now.