Dear Senator McCain

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An idea came to me this morning and I wrote Senator McCain an email on my lunchbreak. Preserved here for posterity, feel free to comment.

Mr. McCain, I will preface this question by saying that I support your bid for the Republican nomination. One of the things that most attracts me to your candidacy is your sensible position on illegal immigration. It is good to hear a well considered position, rather than reactionary pandering to an opinion poll.

On the stump, I have heard you say several times that you would not call a soldier serving in Iraq and tell them that you were deporting their mother. Does this mean the inverse of this statement is true. If the child of an illegal immigrant were to serve a tour of duty in the military, would you extend an opening for their family to stay in the United States?

I had a conversation with some of my co-workers (disclosure, none of us have served in the military), and we all agreed that military service would be an excellent way for immigration candidates to prove themselves on the way to citizenship. With flagging military enrollment, is this a fair way to boost enlistment? Also, in your opinion is this a fair socio-economic policy as it would continue to encourage military service among minorities, while ignoring the fact that many privileged Americans do not wish to serve?

Also, If you do not wish to create a de-facto deportation protection program, please explain how that position and your stump speech line are consistent.

Respectfully and thankfully,
Byron Clarke
Chicago, Illinois