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I don't do resolutions. As a rule, I figure that if you don't resolve to do something, there's no disappointment when you fail to follow through. But this year I'm going to try out a few. I've learned that I'm pretty good at setting goals and then achieving them... and I've also learned that life devolves into an endless run of Law & Order re-runs if I don't 'program' my time a bit. Thus, a listing of my 2008 New Years resolutions:

Complete a Bible in a Year program. I'd guess I've read 90% of my Bible at points, but I can't say I've read it all... and I always struggle with making it a habit. This year, I want to set the habit.

Lose 22 pounds. I lost 41 last year... and I'd like to lose another 22 by my Birthday.

Write 80,000 words for Harry Potter and the Remnants of the Soul. This would essentially be a doubling of my current work. If I can tie the thing up in fewer words, I'd prefer that... but I want to make some serious headway on the adventures of Harry.

Take the GMAT and/or the LSAT. These two exams (perhaps only the GMAT) are on my career path for the year. Probably not a true resolution... but I'm throwing in a few easier to accomplish tasks.

Get a passport. I'm embarrassed that I don't have a passport. I'd like to get one and take at least two international trips (one to Mexico in November, and perhaps Sao Paulo in February.)

Add a medicine cabinet to my bathroom. This way, I can hide my toothpaste from interlopers.

Be punctual. Yes, it's a very generalized goal, but I am less than punctual often and this is a negative quality. I resolve to be more punctual. There.

Drink less soda. I drink too much soda. I want to drink one can less per day.

They say if you write your goals down, then they're easier to accomplish. Here's hoping 'they're' right.

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I love the resolutions. I tend to agree and live by the rule that resolutions are made to be broken, so don't make them. Though, I love to read others.

Good luck Sr Byron.