Inbetween Gigs

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Life, for me, has always been about short term goals. Two months til the bike ride, or three weeks til class starts, ends, finals, etc. Well, I find myself at one of those rare moments in life when I don't have anything brewing on the horizon. Those rare moments are good for a day or two, it feels like life has become empty of stress... but life is also empty of things to do at that point.

Last week, I got back from riding Coast-to-Coast. It was enjoyable, about the same as all bike rides. There were points during the week when I really questioned what I was thinking, taking time off work to ride a bike, but not so much that I'm not tentatively thinking of going back, and not nearly as much as the last trip I took six or seven years ago.

Now that I'm back, I don't really have something 'next.' I'm sure I'll fix that in the next few weeks, but I'm also trying not to lose momentum on what's already going on. For instance, I've been working out quite steadily since last October, with my goal to lose X amount of weight by Myles' wedding. I met the goal and then decided I needed to train for Wisconsin, so I had plenty of incentive to work out in July... but now that Wisconsin is done, it's been a bit tough convincing myself to really prioritize the continuation of the workout. But, I'm pretty sure I'll keep it up, as I don't have a ton else to do.

I'd also like to make some real progress on my Harry Potter story. I know I've been saying that for seven months now without really making 'real' progress, but maybe I'll find the dedication again. In fact, I'm only one short half-chapter from getting Harry to school, a part of the story I've been looking forward to for some time.

Another candidate for 'next' is that I want to try umpiring some games at the Parks league. Eric told me about it, and It sounds enjoyable to spend your afternoons umping baseball games, and I could use the cash... or just another opportunity not to be spending cash. College, where I could go a week without spending any money, seems like a long time ago. I've almost always spent $10 by the time I get home from work... and that's before I decide to go to a movie/Cubs game, etc. And Cubs games are becoming increasingly difficult to avoid as the team is now playing really well.

Anyhow, that's what's going on in Byron land. Perhaps I'll post again soon... perhaps not.