Midsummer Night's festivities

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It's been a good (and busy) month since I've last posted. I have now moved into the Keep, and it is slowly becoming 'home,' although that is a long ways away.

The carpet is up, the tile in the kitchen is up, the pseudo counter/table has been removed, the walls painted, a shelf built, and the floor laid... that was a lot of work, but there's still a lot to do. The Murphy Bed is still in the process of being built (and consequently taking up all the space in my place). Simple things like removing the rest of the painters' tape still need to be accomplished, and the less than simple task of cutting all the quarter-round and installing that still lies ahead.

Meanwhile, Summer continues its full bore acceleration. Wyatt, Myles, and I returned from New York about six weeks ago, but it feels like it has been a year and a half. In that time, I've moved, done all that remodeling, finished my CPA, completed a chapter in my Harry Potter novel, and attended Myles' wedding last weekend. I also bought a bike on Tuesday and need to log a few good training rides before Coast-to-Coast Wisconsin starts.

The Bike It's a used 2003 Bianchi road bike that I bought from a guy on the northside. It's quite light (~ 17 lbs) and is colored silver and green. I rode it (~7.5 miles) home from the guy's house and am real excited about it. The thing I like the most is that it seems to accelerate well, and holds it's speed once you get going. Of course, the guy loosened the seat to adjust it for me when I test-rode it, and I ended up with a loose seat and a bolt that I can't get to move in order to adjust the seat. My plans for tonight are to adjust the seat, and take a fifteen to twenty mile ride down the lake front. Perhaps I'll report on my success, but perhaps not.

Last night was Independence day, and it was fun. Mom & Dad were hanging out with me in Chicago yesterday, so we went over to Keystone and enjoyed a barbecue, and then watched fireworks from the rooftop. Eric, Emily, Elenor, Jarrett, Nate, and Kelley were all there, and it was great to just hang out with them and enjoy some good conversation. Of course, the mosquitoes were there too and I got bit several times, including on the side of the knee, and on my belly. Those two bites really hurt, and I'm wondering if they were spider bites. Oh well. Life is tough. :)