Let there be light!

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To begin with, I got a call from Theis today. He's engaged. Woot! I had a feeling that his engagement to Catherine was eminent (since Christmas), but I wasn't expecting it as yet, but he popped the question on top of a mountain in New Hampshire, so that works for romance. My reaction? I'm thrilled for him. Even cooler, the wedding will be at Wellesley, so the Clarke tribe is going to have an excellent excuse to hit the east coast next year. I asked Theis to plan the date so that the Yankees were at home on one side of his wedding weekend, and preferably the Red Sox would be home that weekend. I'm serious. :)

In my life, I've finally started working on Thunder Keep again. Earlier this week, I got all the painter's tape down. The place looks much nicer without the blue edging on all the corners. Imagine that.

Today, I started... and possibly finished the track lighting project. I'm not really finished because I can't multiply. You see, I counted my four tracks, each four feet in length, and determined that I needed twelve feet on the ceiling. So, I started a little bit away from the far wall and proceeded to place the track as if I were going to hang twelve feet. Then when I got done, I realized that, gee, I had an extra track left and I was about five inches short of ceiling room to fit it on.

So, genius that I am, I decided to go to Home Depot and buy a ninety degree turn for the track. I also had realized belatedly that the track lighting kit came with everything needed for the project, except the light bulbs. And, gosh, don't you know it, those four burnt out bulbs in the bathroom vanity... and the burnt out bulb in the kitchen, and the lamp... well I had a long list of light bulbs to buy.

At Home Depot, I then proceeded to spend over $100 on light bulbs as I (hopefully wisely) opted for the environmentally friendly low power, seven year light bulbs for the bathroom, and then was forced to buy the hideously expensive (~$5/bulb) track light bulbs. We'll see if it was a wise investment, but I think I'd rather have my money back. Oh well. I also hate changing light bulbs, so we'll see.

Let's see. Yesterday, Mom, Dad, Wyatt, and I all had dinner at 'People' a tapas restaurant in Wicker Park/Bucktown. It was a fun place, (we ate outside) and the weather was nice. I'm not sure I would have enjoyed it inside as it was obscenely loud when we popped in to use the washrooms after dining. The food was okay, not bad, certainly not great... maybe good. The portions were a little small for the Tapas plates, although I think they cater more to couples than parties of four. The best dish was certainly there special of the night that involved pork tenderloin and some sort of carmalized onion. The paella was a bit disappointing. The flan was decent, though. Still, if I'm planning to do Tapas again, I'll head back to Cafe Iberico, or try someplace new.

On Thursday, Wyatt popped into town to hang out. We saw the Simpsons Movie. It was pretty funny, but more importantly, it was the second time in as many years that Wyatt and I saw a movie on Samantha's birthday. Weird coincidence? Yup. Tradition... I think that would be fun. The Chicago based uncles get together each year for her birthday... if I remember, I'll try to do it again next year.

Aight, that's enough for now. I have to sweep up all the dust from hanging the track lights before I can crawl in bed.