Minor Frustrations

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I should have gone to bed an hour ago, nay, I should have gone to bed three hours ago... but I didn't. I'm up, I'm sort of tired, which leaves me concerned that the old insomnia will kick in when I finally do crawl under the covers.

Why am I writing here instead of trying to sleep? Easy, because I wanted to get chapter nine of Remnants of the Soul up on FanFiction.net before I went to sleep... so after getting everything ready to go, I find out there server is down. Erg, frustrating There server is always down.

So then, I was going to go to bed when I realized that I still have not downloaded the class I recorded last Wednesday, and if I don't download it before tomorrow, I won't have the capacity to download tomorrow's class. So, I'm waiting for the very pokey voice recorder to offload its memory.

I took last Thursday off. I was feeling like crap and couldn't sleep Wednesday night, so I burned a precious sick day and then realized on Friday that I only have 1.5 unbudgeted days remaining... and was planning to take three or four CPA exams in October and November. So now, I'll be reduced to taking the exams on weekends, which I would be happy to do if I can get them scheduled... or taking only half days to take the tests. I'm not sure that is an ideal test taking situation. Oh well, I need to study before I'm ready for any of them.

Church was good this morning. Pastor Kevin spoke about not letting our lives be ruled by fear, which was an interesting topic since I've been thinking about the various facets of my life where I allow fear to get in the way of what I want. (see girlfriend, fear of rejection, etc.) Does this mean I'm going to 'man-up' and find a Girlfriend? probably not, but eventually.

Aight, the recorder is almost done... goodnight. Hope I sleep tight.