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It's been an eventful week, and an immensely long day. Why I'm up at this hour, much less writing here, I have no idea. I've been tired all week because I had caffeine on Monday and couldn't get to sleep. I got like three hours on Monday night, and have been too stubborn to just go to sleep early.

Contributing to this fatigue is the fact that I watched The Godfather II yesterday, and The Godfather III tonight. Those are some long and very good movies. I'm seriously thinking about purchasing the trilogy.

On Monday, after drinking caffeine at my CPA Review class, I got off the El and found my drivers side sideview mirror laying on the street when I got to my car. At first I thought someone had broken it off on purpose because of where it was lying, but this morning I took Jarrett to the train and he pointed out this huge long scrape down the side panels of the car and a place where there is now a big dent in the car. So, it appears I got sideswiped by a car or perhaps a bicyclist.

Regardless, what I had originally thought might be a few hundred dollars of damage is now probably closer to several thousand. It kills me, but I don't think I'm going to fix it. Partially because I don't have it in the budge, and also because I'm sure it will probably end up happening again. The whole ordeal just makes me sick though because everytime I think of my car, it's no longer in really 'nice' shape. Its spoiled, and although it doesn't actually effect the car's performance, it looks beat up.

Gosh, I'm tired. Should go to sleep... but Jewel's got me pretty mellow. Yeah, I should be embarassed about it, but I like her Pieces of You album.

Got a passport photo taken today, I should be able to finally send in the completed CPA application tomorrow. My boss got on my case about it again. Sometimes I wish I'd never started this process... and there is so much work ahead in the next few months... but I keep telling myself that its worth the sacrifice now for the 'benefits' later on. Here's hoping the 10% pay hike enjoyed by CPAs holds true. Aaah, Rambling.

At work today, I was thinking about the parable of the wealthy man who leaves money to his servants for them to invest. One does well and the wealthy man says, "Since you've done well with the money I gave you, here is more to manage." He tells the middle guy something similar and gives him a little less to manage. But, the last servant just buried the money so he wouldn't lose it. The wealthy man calls the servant 'wicked' and takes his money and gives it to the first servant.

All this is to say that it suddenly occured to me why I should be aggressive in investing our cash balances. It's something I've been thinking about recently because my boss just doesn't understand that I'm not pushing the changes at work that I am for a big year end bonus... although that would be nice... it's out of a feeling that we shouldn't be 'wasteful' by not being aggressive on the interest we earn. It was an interesting revelation while I was opening the endless number of envelopes I seem to get on my desk.

Aight, I'm too tired. Bon Soir.