Auditing begins

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After updating this thing for the first time in seven months on Sunday, I took the opportunity to read back through many of my earlier entries and decided that I should apply myself more regularly to e-Byron. So, presenting two entries in a week for the first time in about a year and a half.

Today was a good day by most measures, although the work portion seemed to go by rather slowly. After an incredibly busy summer, things have settled down a bit and work is occasionally boring. Today was sort of one of those days.

After work, I stopped in at PotBelly's for my sandwich and then trudged up the street to the Union Station building where I attended the first session of my Auditing CPA review course. Although these things are usually torturous, the auditing session should be passable because eleven of the thirteen classes are taught by Debra... who is a good teacher.

In baseball news, the Cubs beat the Pirates tonight, so they are temporarily out of last place... I think. This team is horrible.

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