eh, What's seven months in the grand scheme of things?

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Well, well, well. Look who we have here. It's little old me dropping in to greet my rabid web following. Seriously, I doubt anyone ever visits, but its fun sometimes to read the old posts on here.

Take tonight. I apparently had too much caffeine today, and I'm not all that tired even though it is 2 a.m. Fortunately, tomorrow is labor day and I wouldn't have been out of bed before noon regardless.

So, I haven't updated this page since January... and honestly not all that much has changed. I am now an uncle, which is rather exciting. My niece's name is Samantha Rain Villa. She was born August 9, and is quite adorable in the pictures that my sister and brother-in-law have sent me. I am planning my third trip of the year to California in October to see Samantha.

I am still working for the Private Equity firm I mentioned in my last post. I LOVE MY JOB. How great is it that I can say that?

Last time I checked in, I mentioned that I was taking some CPA review courses. Well, I start the last one on Tuesday, and it will run through the first week of October. After that, I am hoping to knock off the tests in quick succession... so I will need to devote copious amounts of time to actual studying for these buggers... which is something I have struggled with most of the year.

Otherwise, things are pretty much the same. I still live in West Humboldt park. My roommate is still cool, and the couples upstairs are great as well. Bill and Katie, who live on the second floor, had a baby in Mid-August (same birthday as Samantha), and Emily and Eric are expecting one in November (I think).

I am still attending New Life Community Church in Lakeview. Although I like it *enough*, I am beginning to think that I should try to find a church that I really love. The discussion on why this church is/is not working for me is long and involved... but I do know that I wish I had a place like ECC in Bloomington where I just loved it.

No girlfriend yet. Should probably get working on those applications... but seriously, who am I kidding. I was actually musing on the question of why... and I came to the decision that I wasn't ready to give up so much of my time and independence so shortly after winning it. But, really I think I'm just too lazy to put in the effort of trying to find a girlfriend, and I keep hoping I'll *just find one.* That plan is working about as well as the one to lose forty pounds.

Harry Potter. Perhaps the fact that all of my entries end up discussing Harry Potter explains the above paragraph. Anyhow, after thinking I kicked the habit in January, I started writing the story that was worming its way through my mind. Now, its September and I've got nearly 50,000 words published... but I've slowed down output and am wondering if this will finish unfinshed like so many of my other projects. Anyhow, if you're interested: Harry Potter and the Remnants of the Soul.

Summer in Chicago has been awesome. I have attended close to three dozen ball games (including one this afternoon.) The Cubs are horrid this year, and it really irks me that I am spending precious dollars on such a crappy team, but I can't help myself. I just love going to games too much to deny myself. I've always wanted to be one of those crazy fans that goes to most of the games... and seriously, I could have a lot worse vices.

In addition to the Cubbies, I've been down to Sox park three times this summer. Although the Sox are struggling, their games are much better baseball than the Cubs. Last Friday, Bill, Eric, Angel (one of my neighbors), and I went to the game. Funnily enough, Jarrett (my roommate) and his girlfriend also attended the game.

I've also made it out to Toyota Park for two Fire games this summer, and might even go out once more. Soccer games are lots of fun, and I could see myself getting addicted.

Honestly, Chicago was named best sports city by Sporting News this year, and I completely agree. I love living here.