Work huh, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!

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Hi folks, I am nearing the point of insanity. I have sat in this exact chair for 19 hours in the last three days, and another chair a stone's throw from here for another 8 on Monday.

Working at the computer lab over the break has been murder by boredom. Still, the paycheck will be nice as the bills keep piling up for another semester of classes.

I started re-watching "Band of Brothers" two nights ago, but only made it through three hours of the ten hour series before I decided that I didn't want to watch guys legs getting blown off. If you have never seen the mini-series, it is worth the ten plus hours it will take to watch it, however its very powerful, and the camera work does an excellent job of conveying the brutality of the scenes.

Anyhow, thirteen more hours of work over the next two days and I'll have clocked 40 this week. For some reason, even though I spend at least 40 hours on classwork during the semester plus my job, it seems that I have less time when you work a real job (as in showing up someplace for 8 hours straight.)

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