Apartment Cleansing

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I live in a two-bedroom apartment. I've spent three hours cleaning, and I'm not yet half way finished. Now, I typically have a pretty high 'dirty tolerance' yet even my tolerance for entropy has been challenged since the tail end of finals week.

Anyhow, I had planned to clean before I went home, but I ran out of time, and only managed to throw out old food and things that would stink if left alone for three weeks.

I have done some work throughout the week, but the job kept me busy, so today was a day to clean.

Anyhow, the kitchen is mostly done, and the bathroom is a 7 on a one to ten scale of nastiness. It was a 17 before I got going, so if it had started as merely nasty, it would be sparkling... alas its just disgusting now.

Most of the day has involved sifting through a semester of papers and throwing out those that need it, and keeping those that don't. My computer desk has also been unearthed, and that is always a difficult and time consuming task.

OK, enough about cleaning. This past week has been rather relaxing and I've managed to get a fair amount of sleep every night, so I'm heading into the semester well rested.

The textbooks that I purchased online are slowly starting to stream in, and I might have about half of them before the semester starts. A new record if there ever was a record to set.

Last night, after work, I had a good 'old fashioned' night of CivIII. I played the conquering of Japan scenario. It was enjoyable, but not nearly as good as the 'WWII Pacific' scenario or 'Napoleonic Europe.' However, the Japan scenario had some really cool units. The problem I found was that the units improved too quickly. I had units with attack ratings of seven while all of the computer civs will still playing with your standard 1 attack, 1 defense, 1 move unit. Essentially, it was too easy.

I also received a boxed set of Harry Potter books in the mail the other day. I ordered them with a text-book to get the free shipping from Amazon, and because those books are so good, I just need to own them. So, the plan is to put a bit more mileage on the 'Enron' book I need to read for a class, and then knock out 'The Chamber of Secrets' within a week or so... I'll read all five again this year.

Speaking of which, I probably ought to re-read the Lord of the Rings books again. Those were really good.

OK, if I don't keep cleaning I'll stop for good, and then Thomas will have 'justifiable' to tack on to his homicide defense :)

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