Its only been a week??? !!!

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Six nights ago I wrote about how I didn't want to start classes again... and my sense of impending doom was pretty much right on.

This week has been one for the ages, and I have a sneaking suspicion the next sixteen weeks will have as much in store for me as I can handle. Yes, this is me flipping out in my first week of classes.

This semester's load includes securities (F335) and Tech something or another (S400) on Monday/Wednesday. In addition, I'll be doing my K201 tutoring on MW too.

Tuesday/Thursday is a doozy and will be for ten plus weeks. I start with Auditing (A424) and Advanced managerial accounting (A437) before lunch. Then I have International Finance (F494), Career Planning lecture (X420), intermediate financial accounting II (A312), and then X420 lab/discussion.

My T/R schedule runs from 9:30 a.m. to 6:45 with one thirty minute break, and the rest are 15 minutes. Unfortunately, it doesn't exactly fly by.

OK, its late and I'm needing to get out of the living room... I'll update later tonight. But I'll leave you with this... my car won't start... the story has just begun.

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