Baked Potato - $3.80

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This post was originally written long-hand while bored in class on Thursday, Jan 20.

I went to lunch today at the Gresham food court. I was hungry, but didn't want the Aver's pizza being sold for lunch at the bagel stand.

So, I walked up the hill for a 'healthy lunch.' In the food court, I settled on a baked potato, added some nacho cheese and a few tomoato slices and headed for the checkout.

After weighing my potato and adding in my half pint of milk, the bill was $4.49! I couldn't believe it. Moral of the story? IU rips off its students at the food court... and the baked potato wasn't all that good.

In other news, I am just finishing up week 2 of my nearly last semester. I still feel like I'm taking one too many classes... but this feeling of living on the edge has forced me to actually stay on top of my classes. This semester has included a lot more reading than previous semesters, and I'm trying to keep up.

Anyhow, Mom and Wyatt came to visit me/IU this week. Wyatt is looking at colleges and visiting IU, Purdue, and Calvin College this week.

They came down late Tuesday night and then spent Wednesday talking to IUcrats most of the day. I gave them a walking tour of campus and then had dinner with them Wednesday night. They stayed over and left early in the morning on Thursday.

I really enjoyed seeing Wyatt, whom I hadn't seen for nearly a year, and he seemed to like IU. Unfortunately, I can't give him an unqualified recommendation to come to IU, there's just a lot of things around this place that stink... like $3.80 baked potatoes.

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