One Down, Five to Go

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Sorry, its been a few days, but I have been busy relaxing, stressing, and generally avoiding the internet and my collection of blogs. I have never done real well on exams, so in an attempt to do better on my exams I am trying to eliminate distractions.

Finals week is always a pain because after weeks of intense team projects and little sleep, you suddenly have a completely unstructured week, but you are supposed to be studying etc.

Honestly, I have 12 hours spoken for between Monday and Friday (13.5 if you include c-group), so I have to schedule in the time to study. Of course I have had time to watch several 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' episodes and 'The Bible' a movie with George C. Scott covering much of Genesis... but I haven't started studying for my F303 (Investments) final which is sometime tomorrow.

Anyhow, I'm posting now as a last gasp of distraction before I get serious and either head off to study or sleep. (It will be about 10 minutes of study before its sleep, but good intentions are better than no attempt.)

As for todays exam, Western European something or another (it turns out it is Western European Politics), the exam went well, not spectacular, but well. However, the 96 I got on the term paper pretty much means I'll get an A in the class unless I completely bombed the final... an A is an A. WooHoo!

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, as well as about 4.5 hours today were devoted to this &*%^ financial accounting project that I have probably put in close to 40 hours on, and the balance sheet is back out of balance, and frustration. Fortunately, that deadline is Wednesday, so I can't possibly spend more than about another 6 hours on it before I just give up.

Well, like I said, investments is tomorrow, followed by financial accounting, and cost accounting on Wednesday. Friday brings corporate finance and tax, and Friday night brings the last full semester of my college career... oh please!

Ok folks, night all.

Oh, isn't this precious. Clay Aiken is on the radio singing me a Christmas song... nothing says Christmas like Clay Aiken! :P

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