Four down, two to go

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Two finals, and some excellent 'stone soup' later, my day is over, and I'm pretty happy about it. I am exhausted, and haven't had time to do much of anything recently.

After dinner at c-group tonight, I stopped at Arby's for my favorite, a medium jamocha shake... the prices have increased a dime, and this is upsetting. HYPER INFLATION IS UPON US! This price change won't be as bad as the hike in prices at Jimmy Johns, because its now $2.00 instead of $1.90, so I can still buy one with two bills. Of course Jimmy Johns hiked their sandwiches from 4.96 to $5.04, forcing me to have to have a nickel over and above my Abe for lunch. Jimmy Johns has lost at least three sandwich purchases from me because of the price change.

Wow! I am rambling. Like I said, I'm exhausted and coherent thoughts are a little tough to come by.

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