Insomniac's guide to a clutter-free condo

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I can't sleep. Periodically this happens... and it makes me upset.

While not sleeping, I started to obsess over how difficult it is to keep my condo clean. You try living in 400 square feet of apartment without letting things get cluttered. Every little item needs it's own place, and it's mandatory that you put it there when not in use... otherwise things look like a disaster area.

Well, I spent a fair bit of time cleaning the last few days... and things still look messy because I have too much stuff, so I made a list of things I'm going to do in the next month so I have a less cluttered condo.

Sort books 6-12-10
7 boxes of books into storage! 6-12-10
Bring CD player to Smiljanichs 6-27-10
Put waffle maker in storage 6-12-10
Put wireless router box in storage 6-12-10
• Rip classical CDs
• Donate clasical CDs
• Sell or return old DVR
Donate unused kitchen utensils 6-12-10
• Clean out closet - take to Goodwill
Sell Wii Idea rescinded for now
• Finish transferring computer files
• Sell or donate old laptop
Pack away winter items and old dog stuff 5-19-10
Throw away broken headphones 5-19-10
Declutter pantry 6-12-10
Donate excess tupperware 6-12-10
• Sell or donate old VCR
• Sell or donate old N64
Donate unused bookbag and computer bags 6-12-10
Declutter window sills 5-21-10
Throw out marshmallows 5-19-10
Clean off bookshelf area 5-21-10
Declutter junk drawer 6-12-10
• Install hook for Lily's leash (Hook purchased 6-26-10)
Put Tennis balls away 5-19-10
Throw out and donate VHS tapes 6-12-10
Throw out old mirror 6-12-10
Find permanent home for Lily's crate 6-12-10

As you can see, I've already started. By the time I leave for Boston for Theis' wedding, the Keep will be a clutter free zone!

Update: 6-12-10 - Well, I'm not going to get the whole list done by Wednesday, but I made some tremendous progress today, and the Keep is looking better. My best accomplishment over the last month has been keeping the place cleanish pretty much every day! This is satisfying.


good thing you got those marshmallows out of the way! :) i'm enjoying your blog!

Byron, We need a few more things crossed off.