She's a Wauzer!

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At the dog park today, Lily and I met her twin, Bernard. Lily and Bernard had fun barking at each other, running after each other, and playing king of the hill. Bernard, wearing a sweater, looked just like Lily. So, I asked Bernard's owner what kind of dog Bernard was, and I found out about Wauzers. A Wauzer is a mix between a West Highland Terrier (Westie) and a Schnauzer.

After googling Wauzer, I am 100% content to call Lily a Wauzer... and I can know answer the question, "What kind of dog is that?"

Some pictures from last month:

Lily-portrait.jpg Lily-stretch.jpg Lily-wolf.jpg



She looks like our rescue pet, how much does she weigh? Trying to figure out if we have a Wauzer too.

Lily is about 20-22 pounds.