Lily - day four

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So, we're four days into life with Lily... and things are looking good.

Previously, I reported that she wasn't eating. Well, she got hungry enough and started to eat a little on Sunday. By Monday, she ate half of her daily food budget, and today she ate about 75% of her allotment. She also wolfed down a couple of liver treats, which I wasn't sure if she liked.

Also, I had mentioned that she was rather fearful, but she's rapidly working on her "personality pop." On Monday at lunch, we ran down my condo hallway after our walk and she liked that enough to wag her tail. When I got home from work on Monday, she came out of the bathroom (I leave her in the bathroom when I'm gone) tail wagging and happy to see me. I also think she got into my bathroom garbage can, so she wasn't too afraid to play a little while I was gone. Today, I'm trying to introduce a peanut butter stuffed kong (chew toy). Also, she started to get up on her hind legs a few times today. I'm pleased to see her loosen up, but we're working extra hard on "down" as a result.

This afternoon, we went to the vet to get her checked out. No Surprises! The vet gave me a special shampoo that we can use beginning Saturday to help with her dry skin. (Side effect of flea infection.) The vet also gave me some pointers on how to tell if her anal glands become infected again (butt dragging and excessive licking). He also said the discoloration on her hindquarters from the flea infection might go away over the next several months. Otherwise, she seems to be healthy, and the vet was impressed with her disposition (she stood perfectly still for the exam, and then laid down on the exam table once the vet was done).

So, with the vet exam done, we just need to get a clean result on her "poo exam" tomorrow, and I'll be satisfied that she's a relatively healthy pooch. And that's great news.

And now, it's my bed-time. She's wearing me out!

Short aside: We went for an evening walk tonight and the wind was unbelievable! It was probably like 30 MPH. I was getting blown all over, and poor Lily was about to fly out of Kansas. Since the dog park was empty (all the smart owners had their dogs safely indoors), we went in and she actually ran around a little.


I for one am interested in your new dog.

Woof woof woof!

One animal care recommendation I have: standard dog food is made of stuff dogs shouldn't eat (diseased cows, chicken poop, etc). It's perfectly find to feed dogs protein-rich people foods; my cocker spaniel lived 17 years on French cuisine leftovers. You may find that a change in diet helps with her coat problems.

Also, I haven't tried this (obviously, since I'm dogless at the moment), but it looks like a good idea: