I met a Schnauzer today...

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After months of perusing the "Dogs Available for Adoption" page on PAWS website, I actually went to PAWS today. Would you believe it? The dogs on the site are the very same dogs in the kennel!

Even though I knew what would actually happen when I got there, I promised myself I would absolutely not bring home a dog today. I am proud to announce that I kept that promise to myself, although I think I will be there early on Saturday morning again, sans promise.

Backing up, I haven't really updated this page on my dog hunt in recent weeks, so here's the scoop.

When I first decided, in May, to get a pooch, I started with the assumption that I wouldn't get a dog while still living in my condo. Well, as I worked my way through learning about dogs, and how to have one in the city, plus talking to a few people in my building with dogs, I've decided that assumption was a poor one. Lots of people have dogs in condos, it's just that those dogs are generally smaller than the dogs I wanted.

Another major change was that I originally thought I would get a puppy. Puppies are good because you can train and socialize them when they are most impressionable... but puppies are way high maintenance, and you don't necessarily know what kind of temperament you're going to get.

Well, life is made of compromises, and I met a Schnauzer today. (For the record, PAWS has temporarily named her Farrah, and has her listed as a Mini Schnauzer Chihuahua mix. She's 25 months old, and was temperament tested to be an Orange (medium activity) Wallflower.) She's pretty small, but has a good personality. I'm going back on Saturday morning, and if she's still there, I'm going to adopt her... I think.


I'm taking the next two days to think about it, and to prepare things around my condo... but in the meantime, I need a good name for a small black dog. The comments are open.

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Name him after your favorite Supreme Court justice