The benefits of greening

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Yeah, I know I've semi-abandoned the blog over the last two weeks, but in my defense I was riding my bike in Wisconsin for one of those weeks. (I'll post some pics eventually.) Today's post is just a short little one to get me back in the groove.

Sometimes being "Green" is obnoxious, sometimes it's good. Now, "Green" has a chance of defeating another form of obnoxious that has pissed me off the last few years. Linky Link.

Allowing air travelers to dump the water and keep the bottles at security checkpoints was floated by city aviation officials Wednesday as a way to cut down on garbage at Chicago airports.

In another story that made me frustrated, Congress wants to spend $550 million for new private jets for themselves. Somewhere, Thomas Jefferson is having a coronary. Linky Link. It's like we don't have an $11.8 trillion national debt or anything.

The Senate advised and consented to Sonia Sotomayor's appointment to the Supreme Court. Throughout the confirmation process, which I admittedly did not follow too closely, I never heard anything that would have led me to vote against her. She was confirmed 68-31. It's with some pride that I note that Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana was one of only nine Republicans who crossed the aisle and voted for Justice Sotomayor. Please feel free to file this under: Evidence that Richard Lugar is an exemplary Senator, and continues to prove the wisdom of Hoosiers.

Mood: A little down. Spoke to the consigliere today. It doesn't sound like The Preposterous is ever going away. Bummer.
Fire: I attended the SuperLiga final at Toyota Park last night. The Fire lost on penalty kicks against Tigres UANL. It was quite disappointing as it was my first time watching the Fire play in a Final. The squad played well, but didn't come through in the clutch. The loss last night cost the club $1 million. Ouch!
Cubs: The Cubs played very well in July and are currently tied for first place with the Cardinals. They are 57-49, so they went 8 games above .500 since the All-Star Break. Woot!
Listening: Have been listening to classical tunes all day. Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky was stuck in my head earlier.
Dog: Little new to report. I'm still researching, still in my condo, still not getting a dog until I move. I have a "Dog Power Rankings" post in the queue. I'm thinking seriously about adopting an adult dog rather than a puppy. Oh the wonderful possibilities.