Honour Killings

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I think I may be imposing my western view-point on others... but this quote struck me as beyond ridiculous.

Background: Syria has just changed a law to stiffen the penalties against men who kill female members of the family for bringing about dishonour... usually with (perceived) sexual promiscuity. [Article Link]

Quote: In many countries, the penalty for this sort of killing is still softer than for other kinds. Jordan's parliament has repeatedly blocked a law that would impose harsher penalties on men who kill their female relatives for the sake of honour; the lawmakers say it would encourage adultery.

Reaction: So, to avoid adultery, we should have laws that encourage murder?

Oh well. I decided today, for the umpteenth time, that I would keep my head down and not worry so much about the wider world. This ostrich-like reaction is both good for my emotional well-being, and good for encouraging local action that can improve the lives of people you know, rather than worrying about others you don't. Of course, ignorance is also the root of many evils. Some days I want to fix the world, other days I'm overwhelmed by the magnitude of it.

Mood: A good tired. Too tired to think too much. These are the days where it's easy to buckle down and accomplish mundane tasks.
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Reading: The Beckham Experiment. I'm probably an hour or two away from being finished. The magazine excerpts were more intriguing than the book turned out to be, but not bad. Probably should have waited for the Library copy.
Fire: As I mentioned the other day, they won their last game 2-0 over San Jose. They're top of the Eastern Conference with 28 points, and third overall in pursuit of the Supporters Shield. Houston has 32 points. Seattle has 28, but the tie-breaker, apparently.
Cubs: Entered the All-Star break at .500, swept a 4 game series from the Nationals, and lost two to the Phillies. So, we're 47-45 and 2 games back of St. Louis.
Around the web: I wrote a guest article for MyWrigleyville.com. Check it out.
Dog: I emailed an IT breeder yesterday with a bunch of questions. I'm still feeling out the breed. Some days I'm sure I could handle it. Other days, I give in to the ominous warnings and get discouraged whether an Irish Terrier is in my future. I did find an IT Blog that made for some great reading. Finally, I emailed the volunteer coordinator at the Anti-Cruelty Society to see if they need a hand walking some of their pups. Still have made no progress toward selling my condo.