My new favorite European Futbol team: Real Madrid

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Futbol (soccer) is a marvelous sport. It's also bizarre because teams regularly sell players from one team to another. Had a bad year or two and need to perk up fan interest? Raid your bank account and bring one of the big names in futbol to your home pitch. It's the way of the Europeans (and the LA Galaxy).

Well, my favorite player for the last few years has been Christiano Ronaldo, and now he's on the move from Manchester United to Real Madrid... wait for it... for 80 million pounds - roughly $120 million US Greenbacks. OMG! That's unbelievable.

So, Real Madrid's going to be strapped for cash now, right? Beats me, but that didn't stop them from buying Kaka from AC Milan, and the rumor is that David Villa (he pronounces his name the Spanish way, so it's Dah-veed like my teddy bear from Puerto Rico) is also on his way to Madrid.

Nate, sorry. I know you will now hate me, but in this I am quite the band-wagon jumper, and I'm now proud to call myself a Real fan.

Link dujour: Rick Reilly calls a serial-sex-discrimination-suer a sleaze. I am particularly fond of these two poetic paragraphs:

Personally, I find Mr. Rava as odorous as a bag of dyspeptic hamsters. He's a greasy manipulator who has found a small leak in American law and stuck an open wallet under it. When they wrote California's Unruh Civil Rights Act in 1959 -- the act Rava sues with -- they never thought soulless creatures like him would someday slink about the earth.

We are not a collection of legal briefs, appellate rulings and city ordinances. We are people. We are grandfathers and sisters and uncles and girlfriends, all woven into the fabric of this wonderful thing called sports. And if once in a while we want to do something nice for each other -- and not want anything for ourselves -- is that so wrong?

Mood: Chill. Sometimes life is fast, sometimes life is slow. It's amazing how one week I'll feel like I have no time after work before I have to go to bed, and the next week, with the same number of hours, I'll feel like I'm just trying to fill up my time. I think the main driver of that is the intensity of work that week.

Dog watch: I've continued to do dog research and am fairly certain I could handle an Irish Terrier (outside of a studio condo living situation). I've also been doing pretty well in my dog-preparation-tests, although I continue to do things I couldn't with a dog and pretend that counts. Example: on my walk the other day, I stopped at a store to use their restroom. I am pretty sure I wouldn't be able to do that if I was actually walking a dog. Anyhow, here's a YouTube of an IT - they're very intelligent dogs. I get excited about all the tricks I'm going to teach my would-be-puppy.

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