Barbershop Physics

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I'm going through some old unposted entries to clean up iByron and some of them seem like they coulda/shoulda/woulda been posted. Here's a gem originally written June 1, 2005. $11 for a haircut, pricey? Ha! The sticker price is now $16, and that's before a tip.

After classes today, I went to get my hairs cut at the local barbershop I've been frequenting since I moved to Bloomington. Its a good place, located down on Kirkwood (technically on Dunn St.) and I like it. Its a bit pricey at $11, but I figure that as infrequently as I have to get my hair cut that I'll pay the extra few dollars to have a real barber.

Anyhow, while I'm in the chair, the barber next to me is cutting some old curmudgeon's hair and they're talking about Danika Patrick, the female Indy car driver who placed fourth on Sunday. Aside from displaying their complete ignorance of the sport (not like I should be judging... but at least I've got the decency to keep my mouth shut.) this fellow decided to inform the rest of the barbershop that because they all had 600 horsepower engines in their cars, the 100 lb difference between Patrick and some of the driver's didn't matter.

All I wanted to do was stand up and start yelling 'F equals M A' and run out the door. Of course her weight matters if all else is equal.

Excuse the rant, go on with your lives.

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