Holy Week roundup

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Sunday is Easter, so this week has been Holy Week, and today is Good Friday. I'm planning to attend the Good Friday service at my church tonight, and then heading to Valpo-town sometime on Saturday... hopefully arriving home before 3 pm, or leaving Chicago after 5:30. (Fire @ San Jose).

Work today is interesting (by that, I mean horribly dumb). It's 'jeans day' and we're discussing how KPMG charges it's employees $5 on jeans day for a sticker that says they donated to some charity. KPMG then turns around and donates the money... but the tax credit goes to KPMG, which naturally flows to the partners. (Nothing like donating other people's money and nabbing their tax credit.)

Mood: Meh. I think the only people at work today are support staff... with no one to support. At least we get off early.
Music: "At the Zoo" - Simon & Garfunkle
Jonathan Edwards references so far today: One. ("Sinners in the hands of an angry Judge")... funniest person in the world... in my head.
Link dujour: The Plane that Drives

Comment Saga Update: I've found a way to get a comment up on the site. If you click on comment now, it will take you to a form and you can comment. The trick is that you must preview the comment before submitting. If you try to just submit the comment, there's some error... but if you preview it first, then you can submit the comment (on the weird looking page.)