Thoughts from the sofa

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I'm watching the Olympics. Here's a chronicling of my thoughts.

• The unifying power of the Olypics – I'm rooting for the American sprinter even though he went to FSU.

• Did you know? Semi-sweet chocolate morsels are a source of natural source of antioxidants? Why, no, I didn't. Does that make them taste worse?

• They should show more discus. They throw that frisbee really far!

• When they have the camera on the track that follows the 100 M hurdlists, it looks like one of those nature films with the wild cats tracking down an antelope. It's hard to believe that these Olympic hurdlers have the same basic body structure as I do. I probably couldn't even get over a hurdle, much less ten of them while running my hardest.

• 9 A.M. seems a little early for beach volleyball.
• I don't understand why it takes so long to update the volleyball scores. They literally wait 10 seconds after the ball hits the ground to record the point.

• I'm really gassed from the gym.

• If Kyliah has another daughter, her middle name should be "Misty."

• I'm tired of men's gymnastics. Where's the remote? I wish the Cubs were on tonight.