Obama's Risky tax plan?

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A co-worker sent me this link and asked for my opinion. I gave it, and now I'm publishing it. (Incidentally, I found this really cool feature of Movable Type that lets me publish these kind of things easier.)

It's an interesting analysis. Essentially Obama is only raising the income tax on 5% of the country, and those 5% are heavily populated in states that already strongly favor the democrats.

I think the confusing part of this is that his policies would irritate voters in states that are already likely to vote for him anyhow, so they're less likely to vote for him now and the article doesn't really address this.

The way the article could address this is by looking at the density of poorer people who are more likely to be attracted to Obama's comparatively more socialist policies than McCain's. My guess is the 'poor person' density map would look fairly similar and thus partially explain why those blue states are blue in the first place.