Brazil is cool

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Sup yo? I am in Brazil at an internet cafe right now. Wyatt is trying to figure out how we are getting from Sao Paulo to Rio... amd the apostrophe seems to be missing on this keyboard.

Anyhow, more on Brazil when we are not paying by the minute for internet access.

In the mean time, we I want to share this link as I was quoted in the Tribune (again) this past weekend. However, my quote sucked nd while I am sure I said that, I do not think it conveys exactly what I was saying. No real harm though, it just makes me sound like an unthinking moron.

"I would really think it'd be awesome to have an ownership say in the team—it would be fun," said Byron Clarke, another writer for Goat Riders of the Apocalypse. "Just to say I'm an owner of the Cubs . . . I wouldn't actually expect to make money off of it or anything."

Link: My team gets a new meaning.