Ash Wednesday

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It's Ash Wednesday today, and several of my co-workers are catholic. This caused me to end up with a hamburger for lunch rather than a juicy turkey sandwich. Boo Hoo.

Yesterday was "Super Tuesday," a primary election for 22 states. I awoke early to cast my ballot. The polling place was only two blocks from my place, which was convenient. The election judges were bickering, so much so that when I heard that an election worker had been arrested for battery because she punched another election judge, I wondered if it was my precinct. It wasn't. Welcome to Chicago, I guess.

It was also weird last night watching the returns. I had the local news on and realized that all the candidate parties were within a few blocks of my condo. I almost went down to McCain headquarters... but I didn't want to stand around all night, especially since the candidate wouldn't be there.

Barack Obama was in Chicago last night. He gave a speech at the Hyatt. I wish I had gone over there. He's a phenomenal speaker, and despite our divergent political opinions, I wouldn't mind it if he ended up being President.

As short time readers know, I'm a McCain supporter this year, so I'm starting to form opinions about what's best for him. It's tough for me because I know he would stand a better chance of beating Hillary Clinton than he would Barack, but as an insurance policy, I'd rather have an Obama/McCain election. However, Barack's got more charisma in his nose than McCain has in his entirety.

In other news, the cat names have been finalized. There is Joy Lacey Clarke and Curious George Clarke. They go by Joy and George. Joy likes my shoe laces. George is curious. Very complicated. They are seven months old.


I like the new names. Where did you come up with them? Does Lachey have anything to do with Nick?

It's Lacey. As in 'shoe laces.'