Summer in the City

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I love Chicago in the summer! While it's not quite summer yet, the thermometer hit seventy today, and the town is hopping.

Last night, my upstairs neighbor had a surprise birthday party. It was great. The theme was celebrity, so I donned a pair of Harry Caray glasses and had a ton of fun. Today, the Bulls got their playoffs on against the heat... and I was there. Look at the ticket picture closely.


It was awesome! I was literally ten feet away from the court. And the Bulls won! (And no, I didn't pay for that ticket!)

The Cubs played the Cardinals... and won!

And the Fire played at Toyota Park... and won!... and I was there too.

So, to recap, I went to both the Bulls and Fire game. Both teams won, the weather was great... and the Cubs won too. Great sports day.


please defend this... he's on your beloved cubbies....

I'm not sure what needs defending. He's schilling for an energy water company.