See Pee Eh?

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I didn't have anything pressing to do this evening, so I got off work and walked in the general direction of a Jimmy Johns where I like to stop by for dinner sometimes. En route, I decided I'd 'treat' myself and try a hot sandwich next door at the Cosi. Mainly, I was hungry and the promise of the Cosi bread scraps seemed to imply that I would leave dinner hungry.

I took my new copy of "The Audacity of Hope" (by Barack Obama), which I had started reading on my lunch break, and a printout of a partial scene for my Harry Potter story. I ended up reading about twenty pages of the book before settling down to work on my story. Unfortunately, the Cosi closed at seven and I wasn't ready to be done, so I walked over to the Borders on State Street. After probably twenty five minutes of not getting anything done, I decided to throw in the towel and try to make it to the gym in time to catch 'Raines.'

'Raines' is a show that looked promising. It's this detective that sees dead people. I think it could be funny, but instead it's poorly executed drama that moved way too slowly. Give me my Law and Order. All crimes can and should be solved in twenty five minutes. Anyhow, Raines sucked, which meant that I wasn't distracted long enough to get a good workout in. I left after half an hour of uninspired treadmilling.

Anyhow, I finally got home around 10:30. As I set my bag down, I noticed a letter from the Condo people, and since they're supposed to be sending me a check for more than $4,000 for the post-closing credits, I was kinda interested. As I lifted the envelope, another envelope caught my eye and I put down the envelope that I thought contained $4,000. No Fib. You see, the letter was a standard tri-fold letter from the Illinois Board of Examiners.

Over the past few months I have received semi-regular correspondence from the Illinois Board of Examiners. The most recent post has been in letter sized (9x12) envelopes. These three pieces of mail brought very good news, namely that I passed the Audit section of the exam, the Reg(ulation) section, and the B(usiness) E(nvironment and) C(oncepts) section. So what was I to do, faced with a letter folded three times, rather than in an envelope where the papers are left unfolded so someone could say, frame the results if they were interested. Well, I maybe thought a negative thought or two.

Undeterred, I opened up the envelope and





Bom shick a wow-wow! YEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH! Woot! I was thrilled. I got an 83. Blew right past that 75 and clear into a solid pass. So after jumping up and down, I got the cell out to call Mom and Dad, but they weren't home. So, I called Kyliah. I had to tell someone. You can't just take great news like that to bed with you. The world needs to know... so I'm posting too.

I feel sooooooo good right now. All I have to do now is pass the ethics take-home open-book exam and I'll be an honest to God See Pee Eh. Yeeaaaahhh.

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You Rock Byron. That's terrific news. I was just talking with some folks at church who have a nephew taking those tests and he seems to be stuck on test #2- he's taken it twice ans has yet to pas... yuck. Anyhow, I'm quite thoroughly impressed. _Kyli